Fulbright 1:1 Mentoring Programme 


In partnership with the Sutton Trust US programme, Fulbright 1:1 connects US-UK Fulbright scholars and alumni as mentors to talented British youth from low-income households who are applying to university in the US and the UK. 

What are the programme's aims?

  • To support British students from disadvantaged backgrounds applying to or studying at leading universities in either the US or the UK
  • To offer these students access to personalised mentoring from Fulbrighters
  • To encourage Fulbrighters to give back to their local communities and engage with the Fulbright mission

Who does it help?

Fulbright 1:1 works with participants and alumni of the Sutton Trust US Student programme. Students typically meet most or all of the following criteria: 

  • Earned 8 As or A*s at GCSE or the equivalent (e.g., 7 or more passes at the Scottish Standard Grade)
  • Are from low-middle income families (preference given to those with a household income under £45,000 a year)
  • Many students will be the first in their families to attend university and many attend comprehensive schools with limited advising capacity or resource 
  • Students are either applying to top UK universities or completing undergraduate study at US universities

Past mentors and mentees alike reported benefitting from their involvement. Andy Pepper, alum and mentor, said the following of his experience:

“Having an opportunity to help with practical, academic advice and also having personal interaction with Fulbright 1:1 students makes this mentoring programme stand out. Using our own experience as Fulbright scholars and our subsequent contact with students and their academic experience allows us to offer both subject specific insight and, as importantly, general, social encouragement to students who may be overwhelmed by the process of future learning which they are hoping to embark on”.

His mentee, Jake Marshall, felt it “was extremely valuable to have a mentor” and in follow up surveys with mentees this sentiment was echoed by many. One mentee commented that “it was nice to talk to someone who has actually been in my position”, while another said that their mentor “gave me a lot of advice and confidence”.

How can alumni get involved?

Fulbright 1:1 shows great potential to positively impact the lives of the students who participate, and we are grateful to the support of all alumni who have participated so far. Thanks to feedback from alumni who have participated the last few years, the programme is adapting to better suit their needs as well as those expressed by the student participants. Opportunities include:

  • UK Track Mentor
    • Who: anyone with completed their undergraduate degree in the UK
    • What: be paired with a mentee and help them with their personal statement and interview preparation
    • When: only 5 to 10 hours total between September and December
    • How: Training and a mentor/mentee meetup opportunity in the early autumn is provided by the programme and further communication will be based on mentor/mentee preferences
  • Career Mentor
    • Who: anyone willing to provide career guidance to STUSP alumni (those who are now at university either in the US or the UK)
    • What: willingness to do informational interviews with interested students, either remotely or in person
    • When: as and when contacted by a student, estimated time commitment less than 5 hours total
    • How: tell us your areas of expertise and your email and we make this available to students who will then contact you directly if they would like to arrange an informal chat

To express your interest in serving in one or several roles, please email the programme team.












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